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World premiere:


Academy of Theatre and Dance 


The Netherlands

Choreography: Astrid Boons​

Music: Miguelángel Clerc Parada

Light Design: Marcel Slagter

Performers: Aya Degani, Pilvi Kuronen, Christian Nujster, Evgenia Rubanova, Diana Senauskaitè, Ana Van Tendeloo, Andrei Voicu

Repetitor: Gideon Poirier

Decoy is an exploration of the meaning and experience of alienation in a society. Seven dancers are part of an environment in which they experience different processes and feelings of alienation. Gradually, each dancer becomes alienated from the group and from one another. They undergo a gradual process of transformation, moving away from their sense of self, growing apart from their original identity. Decoy is constantly asking: what happens when we no longer understand who we are or who we have become.

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