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World premiere:


Live stream

Dance Theater Heidelberg


Choreography: Astrid Boons

Performers:  Arno Brys, Marc Galvez, Samuel Gilovitz, Orla McCarthy, Andrea Muelas Blanco, Leon Poulton and Jacqueline Trapp

Music: Miguelangel Clerc Parada

Light design: Astrid Boons and Kristin Rohleder

Costume design: Astrid Boons

The title of the piece refers to a computer crash, to the moment when a system fails and it is not possible for it to process more information. Crash is a metaphor of the problems that humans experience due to information overload. We are living in a time of hyper-connectivity and excessive use of media in which it is very difficult to identify all the personal and psychological transformations that we are undergoing. It is hard to evaluate all the range of side effects that this might cause to our physical, social and psychological health. In this piece, the dancers' bodies explore sensations and processes of saturation, as an abstract reflection of these problems. In Crash the dancers push their physical boundaries to the limits to discover a new sensory world that resonates with a sense of origin and purity. After the crash there is silence.   


Crash is produced by Dance Theater Heidelberg

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