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World premiere:


Holland Dance Festival

Korzo Theater

The Netherlands 

Choreography and concept: Astrid Boons

Performers: Astrid Boons, Spencer Dickhaus, Spenser Theberge, Alice Gioria (standing in for Astrid Boons during creation period) 

Composition: Miguelángel Clerc Parada

Dramaturgy: Eva Martinez

Light design: Bernie van Velzen / Bas Vissers

Set design: Bernie van Velzen

Set builder: Merijn Versnel

Text: Spenser Theberge

Costumes: Astrid Boons

Duration: 1h

Humans have the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment. However, do we stay true to ourselves when we do this? And who are we doing this for? Astrid Boons investigates how we as humans build our identity and how this is influenced by our 'ability to adapt' depending on the social situation we are in. In a play with reality, the choreographer uses fragmented images and body sensations, among other things, as a metaphor for the many identities that we can assume or that are present within ourselves. In this performance Astrid strives to bring the body back to its essence; in search of that which makes us human. In doing so, the complexities, contradictions, vulnerabilities, and beauty associated with this will be revealed. Do you believe me yet? is a performance that gets under the skin and appeals to our capacity for empathy.


Do you believe me yet?  is produced by Nederlands Dans Theater & Korzo 

Supported by Municipality of The Hague, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science NL

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