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World premiere:


Cadance Festival

Korzo Theater

The Netherlands 

Choreography and concept: Astrid Boons

Composition: Miguelángel Clerc Parada

Performers: David Ledger, Carolina Mancuso, Karolina Szymura, Christian Nujster

Light design: Bas Visser

Costume Desinger: Min Li

Dramaturgical advice: Fabienne Vegt

Duration: 1h



A field is not space. Many fields can share the same space. A field is a radiated presence in space, is an invisible territory. Its borders are undefined and blurred in the absence of interaction. Fields are real spatial ghosts. Transformations and movements within and around them give evidence of their existence.

This choreography explores the performance space as a world of colliding, overlapping and transforming fields, where the body of each dancer is thought of as field of its own. The body is thought of as a vessel that interacts with inner and outer fields blurring its physical borders.


After the body vessel transcends its self-awareness and leads the path with “a will of its own”, then the limits of the body become fragile.  The limits, the skin, start to fade and disappear and the sensation of the body extends towards other fields that surround it. The body sensation expands and perceives other selfs and spaces as part of itself, as a plural resonating self. As the body moves physically in space everything around it appears to moves with it.


The evidence of transformations through time exposes time as a field. Time constantly challenges the illusory sense of a specific/rigid/individual identity. The identity is constantly transformed through time. Time continuously updates and refreshes the self-perceived coexistence.


By imagining the body as a vessel it is possible to search for an original/transparent body, it is possible to search for a body that is prior to its “soul”, emptying it of its sense of identity. “What is the body we are in?” In this question the body is proposed almost as if it was “an another”. By asking this question, there is not a search of dualism but an enforced task to discover coexistence through a physical experience.


Fields is produced by Korzo productions

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