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World premiere:


Ferrara OFF 


Choreography: Astrid Boons

Music: Miguelángel Clerc Parada

Performers: Astrid Boons and Maria Chiara Mezzadri

Light design: Albert Tulling

Duration: 35 min

Following the philosophical idea that existence can only be and only be perceived in coexistence with others (Jean-Luc Nancy), Astrid Boons explores the impossibility of individual existence through glimpses of separation, incompleteness, influences and sensorial interaction between two dancers. Rhizoma represents being as continuous and multiple transformations, where there are no defined boundaries, where our personal identities have neither ending nor beginning.

Rhizoma is a work that deals with a universal sense of humanity and communication. In a moment of history in which borders and immigration are a central issue, Rhizoma comes as a manifestation of pure human interaction and of mutual influence. The performance reflects on the notion that existence is only possible through coexistence.

Rhizoma is a produced by Ferrara OFF, Korzo productions and Nederlands Dans Theater

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